Monday, June 30, 2014

The Best Magento Extensions

Magento ecommerce is the world’s most popular and well-received ecommerce platform. Many firms that want to begin an online enterprise opt for the Magento software to design their online interface. Apart from that, a number of different professional online stores, who have already established a strong and reliable name for themselves in the market, also use Magento software as their primary ecommerce software.

As Magento’s popularity has grown, so have the number of extensions and add-ons that are available with the software. There are countless extensions for Magento and some of them are incredibly useful in making the online store more credible, reliable and user-friendly. This article lists down some of the most amazing and useful extension for Magento ecommerce.

Firstly, there is the option that allows the users to shop according to their favourite brands. This is particularly useful for people who have come to the store looking for a particular brand’s products. It makes it easier for them to view all the products sold by the brand, and available in the e-shop, at one glance. Multiple browser windows need not be opened and thus, it saves precious time for the users. This extension also enables the web operator to create landing pages that also give specifications about the brand (like the name, he logo, the description of the brand, a little history) and the product (its features, specifications, particulars and the like).

Next, there is the extension which automatically zooms the image once the mouse is placed over it. The users not need to click any specific button; they just need to make sure that their cursor is placed over the image. Consequently, the user can then place the cursor on the part of the image that they want to view more closely. This feature especially comes in handy when the users are buying products that they would normally minutely inspect if they were in a physical shop. These products can include garments, shoes, jewelry and the like.

Many a Magento developer also suggests using the option to get a blog for the website. This is where the website runners will be able to post content that they feel they need to share with their customers. This can include general stuff or topics that are relevant to the things being sold on the ecommerce website. Not only does this option ensure user feedback through the comments section but it also shows the owner’s dedication and grasp over their area of expertise.

Another Magento developer has suggested going for the color swatches extensions. Particularly beneficial for websites that sell their products in multiple color options, it allows the users to switch between different color options to see which color they like the best. They will then purchase the color option that has pleased them the most. The option might seem to be something insignificant but it greatly increases user satisfaction.

Other great Magento extensions include the exploded menu, the useful product download, integration with the QuickBooks software, minimum advertised price and drop shipping management. Each extension is helpful in its own unique way.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Basics Of Web Development

One of the most important factors that determine the success of an entire website is web development. The specific technology that is used in the website development process is crucial. However, technology alone cannot ensure the success of a particular website. Skilled and experienced web developers are required to structure a sound website that is able to function smoothly. Most organizations in this particular industry are offering top-notch custom web development services. Their skilled programmers are responsible for methodically planning the navigation, features and functions of the respective client’s website.

They usually employ the latest versions of certain technology that include PHP, My SQL, XHTML, ASP.NET, along with various Content Management Systems such as Wordpress and Drupal for web development singapore. These particular companies are always up-to-date and in tune with the latest advancements in the website development technology. They work hard to cater to all of their clients’ individual requirements.

Website development expertise these days ranges over building ecommerce portals, community and networking portals, developing as well as designing web and product based applications, custom application development, Online Survey management solutions, Content Management System , custom web/desktop applications, , E-Learning solutions, Information management solutions and more. These specific online applications provide tailored as well as special customized ecommerce solutions that allow a rapid development and deployment of the client’s individual requirement.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Pros Of Magento Customization

Over the recent years, the amount of online storefronts has increased by a long shot in various regions of the world. The process of managing online stores may seem easy but it really is not as a lot of effort has to be put in it. The management could really not be as easy as it is now without magento customization. This e-commerce solution was mainly designed in order to cater to all the different needs of an online store which must be met, in order to not only make it successful but also quite manageable on a daily basis. The recent years have shown how this solution has emerged and now is being applied by online stores all over the world.

Magento customization is being used for various reasons, and all of them reveal how the solution is really the best. One of the biggest advantages of using this e-commerce solution is the fact that it allows people to build online sites as quickly as possible. Not only does this save a lot of time but it also allows people to save a lot of time, which they really cannot otherwise as e-commerce site development requires a good amount of money in the first place.

Through this e-commerce solution, individuals now have the freedom to create e-commerce sites which are not only less costly but they are also filled with rich features and contents. The marketing tools which the solution has to offer are definitely the best when it comes to the important matter of attracting customers on a daily basis. With the amount of customers increasing and flocking straight to an online site, sales can be increased instantly, along with the profits in the long run. This feature is something which really has triggered the attention of people, making them use the e-commerce solution for good.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marketing Guidelines For An Android Application

The most important step to take in the Android application development process is the marketing for the social media landscape is so vast that individual applications can easily get lost in the market. If the application does not garner enough views and exposure, very few people will actually buy the product and it will not be deemed successful, no matter how good the application is. Fortunately, there are specific steps that one can follow when marketing an application to ensure that it leaves a mark on Google Play and is loved by millions worldwide.

Third-party Endorsements

On its own, an Android application may not be able to gather many views but it may become well-known if it is endorsed by a third party. Many successful Android applications have tried this method and have used it to their advantage. Word of mouth marketing is the strongest marketing tool on the social media landscape and if an application is able to gather enough technicians, bloggers, social media experts and social media press coverage that talk about the application in a positive manner, then it can easily be able to garner a strong fan following due to the interest these bloggers will stir for the app. Customers will think that if people are talking so enthusiastically about an app, it has to be good.


Just like products and businesses all over the world, the icon is the single most impactful representation of an application and many times, the developing business too. There are thousands of Android applications all over the world and each of them has their own unique icon. Hence, it is necessary that the icon should be different and should stand out from all other icons. The colors should be innovative and the shape should be different too. There should be minimal text and the icon needs to be creatively charming. The impact should be so powerful that users must be forced in to downloading the app, even if they were not looking for something in the specific category.

Social Networks

The whole idea of the internet is linkage and connectivity and most of it centers on social media networking. It is the increase in the use of websites like Facebook and Twitter which really gave a boost to the internet. So, app developers need to make sure that they interact with their consumer base and keep the app’s name and goodwill alive on social media networking websites. One must update posts as frequently as is possible and the content being posted in these update should be high on quality. However, do not bombard the customers with posts, otherwise, they would simply dislike the page or unfollow the account.

Create Excitement

It is important to add urgency to the application and this is perhaps the most important part of the Android application development process. The marketers have to make the customer feel that if they miss out on the application, they are missing out on the most happening thing in the social media platform. Contests and give-aways can be held to initiate interests and to trigger bustle and downloads.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Essentials Of Web And Mobile App Development


Everything in social media becomes outdated so quickly that one needs to keep on changing the designs which they feature on their websites. There are a few essentials that have recently joined the trends in social media and which the experts have touted as must-haves. These features may not guarantee that the website will be a hit, but it will make sure that people feel good when they use the website; that they feel like they are using something modern and current.


The common phrase that images and pictures speak louder than words has never been truer and this trend proves exactly that. While many people have started replacing their home screens with big images (that is supported by a few words), many are still holding on to the longer scrolls. These people need t change their designs as soon as possible. Customers are now more readily asking for images to explain details than words and an excellent example is the steady rise of infographics.

One only has to take the example of Twitter in mobile app development. Their home screen displays three images from three different parts of the world and they all speak volumes.
People may decide to go for a simple blurred photo on the home screen, make a montage or display one main subject – the image needs to be there. Images will always be more eye-catching and attention grabbing than words are.

Bonus: Randomness

This trend has really been brought forward by the advent of YouTube where the most random stuff becomes a big hit. People want to see other people go crazy and do stupid things. It will be highly beneficial for the website if the bonus videos or articles are unique and different. Singapore web development experts say that the use of HTML 5 has steadily increased and experts feel like it will completely take over this year. Lots of animation will come into play and cartoon like figures will be used for creepy stuff that is endearing at the same time. However, experts have warned that firms that go overboard with this trend are in the danger of not being taken seriously by customers. So, when developing something of this stature, one must make sure that they create something unique and intelligent, not simply silly. Remember to send a message through the randomness.


Mobile app development experts feel that it has never been more imperative to make sure that the application is user-friendly. The phone must not hang because of the website or because of the application as customers are quick to find appropriate replacements in the application stores. Also, the websites and apps must be easy to navigate through and should enhance the user’s experience, making them feel involved in the whole process and making them feel special. They should feel that the entire process was designed specifically for their use and comfort. Without the user-friendliness, the application or website will fail to work.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Web Design Trends 2014

As can be expected from anything that comes from or is based on the internet, it is extremely hard to keep up with the pace with which they change and keep on evolving at all times. However, even though it is difficult to keep up with the pace of this change, it is also imperative to do so, otherwise people tend to get left behind in their quest for social media marketing success.

Singapore web design experts have come up with a few trends that they think are bound to increase this year in the department of web designing. Learn them as soon as possible, before they become outdated.

Fonts with Individuality

Typography really came into the scene in a big way in the last few days of 2013. Designers really started to test many different font styles and the aim has been to make the words’ design speak along with the words. It is almost like the crafters are trying to give the font some personality. They are not like the ordinary serif and non-serif font styles but a thing that is entirely different on its own. Overused typefaces have been going away with time and it has become the tradition to speak about the website through each and every design – even the font styles.


There has been a steady increase in mobile web development in the recent years and it has become very common for people to use social media websites on their phones as opposed to using them on their computers. Web design Singapore professionals have said that the use of smart devices will continue to go up and so, websites will develop special versions for their mobile users. In fact, it is stated that it will become imperative for web designers to do so, otherwise, their website will not get as many views as sites with mobile designs. Mobile viewers will prefer websites that are mobile friendly as opposed to those that will only open in their website view.


Another rising trend that Singapore web design experts believe will continue to grow is the use of videos to deliver messages. The professionals say that gone are the times when people used to read long words to get a general idea on products and services. Now, people will prefer watching informative videos and are more likely to watch visuals as opposed to texts. So, firms will incorporate videos as much as possible in their websites. They might even summarize that long, tedious terms and conditions draft into a simple two minute video. Videos will be catchier and more attractive than they have ever been before.

One big color

Simpler color schemes, the web design Singapore experts say, will increase and firms will want to use one specific color for their website which will become its identity (like the blue in Twitter). Two colors will be used at the most and people will try to make that color into a personal representation of the company. Brighter and darker colors are back in. White and black will also become increasingly popular and firms will aim for a sleeker and edgier look.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Magento Ecommerce For Small, Medium & Large Businesses

Over the past couple of years, Magento Ecommerce has managed to gain the attention of millions of individuals worldwide due to the massive amount of benefits it has to offer in the long run. Being the software specifically designed in order to help small as well as large and medium scale business owners, it has come a long way in providing people with exactly what they are looking for in the first place. Online shopping has become immensely significant over the recent years and in order to enhance the overall experience for customers from all across the globe, the software is being used by many notable organizations currently.

Wide Range of Types

The fact that various versions of Magento Ecommerce are available online for the convenience of all types of business owners is something that must be taken into thorough consideration since that is exactly what makes the software stand out from the rest of its kind. Since it is highly unique, individuals must be aware of the fact that it has numerous types; Magento Go and Enterprise being one of the many. Magento Go is used for small online businesses whereas the latter one is used for both medium as well as large businesses.

Increased Future Profits

Basically, the exclusive and highly famous software is used for the purpose of establishing high new online storefronts in order to take an online business to a whole new level. This means that through the software, business owners can end up earning gigantic amounts of profits in the long run and that too, without having to try too hard in the matter. Not only does the exceptional software save their time but it also saves them from all the other hassles of online store making which are normally faced by people who do not take the help of the system.

Exclusive Online Store Building Features

What is more important for individuals to know is about the features Magento Customization has to offer in both the short and the long run. With top notch features for the purpose of online store building in a short period of time, the system stands undisputed as being one of the best in its kind. It arrives with exclusive features which are found on online stores such as shopping carts, check-out along with content management and many other things that make managing an online storefront much easier than it actually is in real.

High End Themes

Magento Customization is very well-known for the amazing range of exclusive themes it has to offer. Not only are these exceptionally vibrant but they are also very eye=appealing and tend to trigger the attention of people in a short period of time, which is exactly the main aim of business owners. The numerous themes can be easily applied on the online stores. The fact that the system is very easy to deal with on a daily also makes it the best choice of software for people in the present times. Many high end organizations and businesses are currently using it; therefore, those who are not are undoubtedly missing out.